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Labor Organizing: Fighting for Justice!

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Campaigns I have worked on include:

  • AFL-CIO Organizers Institute – Teamsters Rhode Island Hospital Campaign
  • HERE Local 25, Washington DC, 1993-94, won against the lock-out at the Madison Hotel
  • Justice for Janitors, Washington DC  1994-95, on major street actions including bridge blockades ultimately lead to city-wide agreements for Local 82.
  • Dignity Campaign, Detroit Michigan, Local 79,  successful statewide strike and action campaign
  • Detroit Newspaper Strike, the political leaders did not rise to the challenge, unsuccessful effort
  • United Auto Workers – training and support for the RADD – Radical Action Disciple Deployment Teams, Region 1.
  • Dignity Campaign,   successful statewide strike in California 1997- 98 for Local 250
  • Justice for Janitors in LA and Boston – during several successful contract fights, including a student occupation of the administration building.
  • Justice for Janitors, Denver – suburban organizing campaign during downtown contract fight that was  ultimately successful for Local 105.
  • HERE Local 11 Campaign against Lowe’s Hotel, great week of action – no contract I think.
  • UNITE laundry workers strike and action at the National Convention in Las Vegas 1998.
  • Catholic Healthcare West Statewide Hospital campaign, during the set up and first year.  I was the Southern California Coordinator.  It was ultimately successful.
  • Justice for Janitors in Houston, Texas, 2006 winning the best first contract in the history of the union.
  • PECAN – Private Equity Creative Action Network, a European based network of civil society groups working in solidarity with labor campaigns on private equity.   2007
  • Security Guards Strike in San Francisco, California, Fall of 2008 in a successful campaign whose contract and organizing set the pattern for six other cities

    Warehouse Workers in the Inland Empire, California, 2009

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